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About Us

Corporate History

Chunghwa Telecom's Data Communications Business Group (CHT-D), traces its history back to 1981 when the Directorate General of Telecommunication (DGT), Ministry of Transportation and Communications, set up the Data Communication Institute (DCI). The Institute's mission was twofold: 1) to create a public data communication network for industry, government and the general public to facilitate their communication, business, administration, and policy-making; and 2) to develop applied information systems to enhance operational efficiency and service quality for our customers.

In 1996, the telecom operations of the DGT were spun-off as Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd which continues to carry out the telecom business while the DGT continues to be the industry regulator. At the same time, the Data Communication Institute under DGT became a subsidiary company under Chunghwa Telecom.

Our Values

Data communications and value-added services are our company's two main areas of operations. With its excellent broadband network, online value-added and digital content services, CHT-D is the biggest Internet service provider in Taiwan, and HiNet has been the brand name for our pioneering Internet services since 1994.

A rich, R&D-based industry leader, CHT-D constantly introduces new services, including: Internet video (hichannel), Internet data security, remote surveillance, VoIP (web-based telephone), the Government Service Network (for government agencies), e-government service for citizens, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), energy-saving and Cloud services, to name a few. CHT-D is also the largest Internet Data Center operator in Taiwan serving the consumer, business and government markets.
We support businesses with our VPN, information security, data center and Cloud services. We have launched smart energy-saving services and are also developing other applications for the Internet of Things (IoT).

For the public sector we have built a start-of-the-art infrastructure and set up systems for e-government services, such as the Government Service Network (among government agencies), the e-Government Service Platform (for citizens), the Electronic Motor Vehicle and Driver Information System and Taiwan's railway ticket booking system. We also help government agencies develop their Cloud service environments.

Cloud services are a prime focus for CHT-D now. We are creating a 'Digital Rainforest': a rich and sustainable ecosystem for our domestic Cloud industry to develop and diversify and for public and private players to remain effective and competitive through using the Cloud industry's latest services. Current cloud services include: hicloud CaaS, hicloud CVPC, hicloud Boxe, hicloud PaaS, hicloud S3, hicloud Desk, Hami+ personal Cloud – cloudbox, hicloud Mall and Cloud-based SaaS business applications.

Our hicloud Mall provides a stable and secure Cloud environment and helps software vendors to quickly find their customers, reducing their marketing costs and freeing up time and resources for product development, service efficiency and overall competitiveness. The hicloud Mall is especially useful for Small and Medium Enterprises: instead of buying they can now rent software and hardware, reducing investment risks and operational cost. These pay-as-you-go services are more economical than purchasing hardware and licenses—and more easily scalable as well. This helps businesses to have leaner operational processes and stimulates innovative business models.

Vision and Strategy

From the days of being a government institute until today as an innovative company, we have led Taiwan's ICT development on the levels of strategy, infrastructure, systems and services. We invest the best human and material resources plus large budgets to develop the country's ICT environment, from building a broadband network to developing rich value-added application services in order to support e-commerce, e-government, e-transportation management and the modern Internet-based lifestyle.


Our company consists of several departments as shown in the chart below:

President Vice President Corporate Planning Department
Human Resource Department
Accounting Department
Administration & Asset Management Department
Occupational Safety & Health Department
Vice President Marketing Department
Enterprise Business Department
Commerce Applications Department
(Enterprise Innovation Office)
Principal Engineer Internet Services Department
Network Operation & Maintenance Department
Government Network Department
Information Technology Department
Assistant Vice President
Internet of Things Department
Cloud System Department
Deputy Principal Engineer Information & Communication Security Department

Main Services
  • Network and Internet Services: ADSL, fiber to the x (FTTx), leased lines, ISDN, WLAN, HiLink (IP VPN), securities information trading networks and other types of network services.
  • Value-added services: e-commerce services (B2B, B2C, G2B), email service, Super hiPage advertising, corporate e-learning, commercial faxing and messaging, energy-saving service (iEN), HiNet video conference service (hiVideo), remote surveillance (Ucam), social networking service (Xuite), Internet video service (hichannel), online games, anti-virus services, Internet porn gatekeeper, web-based time management, web-based faxing, VoIP, data center services(co-location, equipment rental, remote back-up, etc.), digital voicemail service, 3D map services (ShowTaiwan), Cloud services and more.
  • e-Government platform and services: such as the Government e-Procurement System, Government Root Certification Authority, Government Service Network (GSN), MyEGov, Marine Information Service, Electronic Motor Vehicle and Driver Information System, Taiwan Railway Administration Online Ticket Booking, Land Information Services and more.