Download Dr. Speed
Download Dr. Speed

About this program

  • An easy-to-use portable Internet speed test tool.
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.
  • Can detect the reasons which makes your Internet speed low, and provides the simple advices.

System requirements

  • Must have an Internet connection and allow FTP and HTTP protocols.

Instructions for use

  • Run the program, and you will see the software's terms of use. If you agree to the terms, press "同意(A)".
  • Please wait approximately 30 seconds for testing your Internet speed.
  • In the final, it will show the test result. If you are the HiNet customers, you can also see the "開啟測試報告(R)" button is shown on the window. Click the button to see the speed test advices. Then you can press "結束(Q)" to exit the program, or press "重新測試(T)" to restart the test.
  • The speed test advices only support Traditional Chinese for now.